Call to Action released to join the Michigan Autism Council

Call to Action released to join the Michigan Autism Council

Call to Action released to join the Michigan Autism Council in future work on Autism Spectrum Disorder supports and services

The Michigan Autism Council recently released the 2018 Progress Review and Recommendations report for the Michigan Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) State Plan. The progress report provides an update on the progress made to support autism services in Michigan since 2012, and recommendations, which can lead to continued improved outcomes for individuals with ASD and their families.
At the Autism Centers of Michigan, we believe that we have a responsibility in working with the Michigan Autism Council on furthering the progress that has been made in Michigan.

The Michigan ASD State Plan was initially developed and formally accepted in 2012 by four state human service agencies – Department of Community Health, Department of Human Services (now the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)), Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, and Department of Education. The plan’s overall objective is to build the state infrastructure for comprehensive supports that benefit individuals with ASD and their families by improving access to information and resources and increasing system coordination at the local and state level.

Since 2012, significant changes have resulted in more and improved services for individuals with ASD and their families, notably, the creation of the Governor’s Autism Council, the passage of public and private autism insurance legislation, licensing for Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and funding for university programs to meet service needs. A focused study of the progress of the ASD State Plan was guided by input from the Michigan Autism Council, whose membership represents crucial entities that provide the foundation for supports and services to individuals with ASD and families; and stakeholder surveys, designed by the State Plan workgroup to solicit input to inform recommendations.

While impressive changes have occurred in the past several years, Michigan is diverse in its geography and population, and improvements in state systems and services are not consistent throughout the state. Continued effort is needed to ensure all individuals with ASD have access to information, services, and opportunities. In the Progress Report, recommendations are provided across six areas: Family Engagement and Involvement, Early Identification and Early Intervention Services, Educational Supports and Services, Adult Services and Supports, Physical, Mental, and Behavioral Health, and Infrastructure to Meet Focus Area Goals and Recommendations.
We believe that we can play a role in furthering the recommendations in this Progress Report and continuing to improve the ways that Michigan families receive autism support and services. We encourage you to join us in reading this full Progress Report and consider how the focus area recommendations are aligned to your organization or constituent group, and ways you can join us in this effort.

We commend the Michigan Autism Council and the MDHHS for all the progress that has been made and are proud to stand with them as we further build supports in our state. The full Michigan ASD State Plan 2018 Progress Review and Recommendations report can be viewed in its entirety at

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